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Website for your event with beautiful design

Website for your event with beautiful design

When you create a new event MyRituals will automatically generate a website for each celebration. Check out here how you can personalize the design: PATTERN WEBSITE .


Is there a better way to invite family and friends to a celebration than sending them e-invitation through your personalized event website?! You can share with your guest all information they may need about the event simply by sharing the website.

V. Iliev (38yrs.)

V. Iliev (38yrs.)

I wanted to celebrate my birthday in an unique way so I decided to experiment with MyRituals. My guests were impressed by the way they were invited. Easy photo sharing after the party was highly appreciated by a person like me - photography lover.
Monitor tasks and timely completion

Monitor tasks and timely completion

In your profile you can creat unlimited number of tasks which are important for the smooth planning of each event. You have the possibility to organize the tasks in separate lists, as well as to set a deadline. When any of the tasks is completed by you or any of the other event administrators you can simply click on it mark it as "completed".

I. Radeva (31yrs.)

I. Radeva (31yrs.)

I was already knew from my friends what a burden can be big wedding organization. Honestly, I have no idea how I would manage to timely complete all my tasks without MyRituals and without forgetting some of them. Biggest benefit was that with this site I was able to assign some of them to my sister.
Manage your budget wisely

Manage your budget wisely

MyRituals can save you time and money. Specify your event budget. Add expenses and group them by type in separate lists. The owl will instantly calculate the total costs, show you statistics and your current balance.

A. Petrova (35yrs.)

A. Petrova (35yrs.)

Like any other women sometimes I find it difficult to resist the temptations calling my name from the shiny shop windows. Therefore, while planning my wedding I was actively using the functionality to create and manage my budget. My favorite part was that all calculations are automated.

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Interesting facts

Biggest wedding cake

The biggest cake in the world was made in Milan, 2015 by italian artists and confectioners. It has the impressive 244sq.m and weighs over 1 ton.

How much could be a wine bottle price?

In 2018 a good aged wine, bottled in the region of king Louis XVI (1774) was sold at an auction in France for 103700 €.

The most expensive wedding

It was organized in Russia and was worth 880 million euros. Sprinkled with precious stones the bride's dress weighed 25kg.

The first bouquet

It was made in France over 4 centuries ago! In the beginning only flowers and lace were used for the bouquet composition. Yellow color was forbidden.

Wedding pigeons

The beautiful custom originates from the Philippines. Traditionally, the newlyweds used to release a pair of doves from a cage as a symbol of peace and harmony.

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